Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Entry: The Dungeon of Irvilio

A new entry has been submitted for the 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest. This one comes all the way from France! +Kosmic Dungeon , a prolific creator of dungeon maps and cards, has submitted a "dungeon as a trap", where the characters must figure out how to escape before the dark denizens that dwell in the shadowy corridors make short work of them. All the while, the sadistic wizard Irvilio watches on and gains power from the party's suffering.

The Dungeon of Irvilio

 "A bad wizard traps adventurers in an exotic dimension. The mysterious Guardian keeps them in a dungeon infested by big bugs, and shadows."

You can see a lot more of Kosmic's work, and even view the original "Le donjon d’Irvilio"
on the site:

Kosmic Dungeon whipping out a 10 minute map!