Sunday, April 23, 2017

One Page- One Afternoon- Dungeon

So there are only eight days left to enter the 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest. Some of you have probably considered it, but maybe you think that eight days are not enough time.

I decided to challenge myself with creating a One Page Dungeon from scratch in one afternoon.

I thought of an original concept - A super hero themed "dungeon", and then starting sketching around.  I wasted some time with some character concepts and realized I would not have any room for art, aside from a simple map.

My map concept was an isometric cityscape, but again I realized I would not finish, so I went for much simpler map with labeled hexes.

The premise is that when players start, two of the hexes, or city zones, are "crime infested". Crime infested zones give villains bonuses to health as well as followers. (what this means to you depends on the system you choose).

Missions, and their locations, are determined randomly using tables. If the players lose a mission, the hex, or zone becomes, or remains, crime infested. If players succeed, a crime infested zone becomes "crime free". If the players clear all zones, they win the campaign. If at any time four zones become "crime infested", then an "end game" adventure is rolled. All zones are considered crime infested, and must be cleared to thwart the invasion or scheme of the villains. Either the city is lost, or the characters (heroes) finally clear the city of crime.

You can download this here, but keep in mind its not fully proof read

I have spent weeks on entries I submitted in the past, and I could spend some more time cleaning this one up I am sure, but it is entirely possible to whip up an entry in a single afternoon.

So if you haven't started, or are feeling like you don't have enough time, rest assured you do.
Eight days is plenty!

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