Friday, May 12, 2017

2017 One Page Dungeon Contest Honorable Mentions!

Congratulations to the creators who are receiving honorable mention in the 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest.  These entries were selected by one or more judges as part of their limited number of "picks".

Grant Lambe and Adam Chafe "Escape the Kraken!"
Scott Marcley  "Rescuing Emelia"
James Snake  "Stop Stealing My Juices"
Ambika Kirkland "Circles of Madness"
Roger SG Sorolla "Wormhole Scramblers in the Deep Dire Door"
Chrisopher Mennell "The Purple Road"
Jennevieve Schlemmer "Lair of the Cat Magus"
Kezle "Weatherfield Gardens"
Gus L "Gravesand Beach"
Vincent Bettenfeld "The Burned Library"
Jeff White and Hyrum Howes "Rumors"
Matthew H, Sylvia G, and Katie L "Caiphon Rising"
James and Etani di Properzio "Ymir's Skull"
Ian Andrews "Floating Graveyard"
D. Hodges "Grim"
Alex Welk "Grime Dungeon" -Apolgies Alex, I originally left your entry off my mistake

Each of these creators will receive PDF editions of all current One Page Dungeon Compendia (2013-2016), in addition to the 2017 Compendium that all particpants in the 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest will receive.

Youth Entries:
Congrats to Etani, Sadhbh, Lina, Hendrik, and Joaquin! Wayne's Books is providing youth prizes for the younger members/ future of our creator community!

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