Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fat Goblin Games to sponsor the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest!

Fat Goblin Games is going to sponsor one copy each of their Gamemaster's Journals, and a print copy of the Cartography Companion for winners in the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest!

This is a generous offer, so be sure to check them out and thank them for their support. Sponsors are a big part of the excitement surrounding this contest, and support like this, along with the hard work of the judges and of course you, the creator, has helped the contest reach ten years!

Thanks again Fat Goblin!

The 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest deadline for entry submission is May 1st, by midnight UMT.
Visit Dungeoncontest.com for more details, and grab a free copy of the submission guide HERE.

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