Saturday, April 21, 2018

Heck Yes You Still Have Time!

If you are worried, or wondering if you still have time to create and submit an entry into the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest, well the answer is yes, you do!

I created a One Page Dungeon today, starting from scratch. In fact, I managed to cram three One Page Dungeons into one, without going below 12 pt font (aside from the CC license which is 10 pt.).

Behold, The Multi-Purpose Dungeon.  I did this all today, from start to finish in between all the real life stuff , I swear to Graxxl!

You can grab it HERE.
(Edit: I have now uploaded the correct version, yikes!)

Would this one be a winner, if I was able to enter the contest and all that? Probably not, but it was fun to make. If I was able to enter, I would still have nine days to tweak it before the deadline (at the time this blog post was written).

I would probably drop one of the genres and flesh the remaining two out more, maybe even add a small illustration for each, but I digress. The point is that you still have plenty of time to create a One Page Dungeon this year!


The Deadline for the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest is May 1st, by midnight UMT

Visit for more details, and grab a free copy of the submission guide HERE.

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