Friday, April 13, 2018

Wayne's Books is Sponsoring the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest!

Wayne's Books is sponsoring a $100 gift certificate, as well as youth prizes. I had the pleasure or working with Wayne last year, when we introduced the youth prizes, and I can't say enough about how great he is to work with.  Random Wizard will tell you the same thing, as Wayne has sponsored the contest for several years now!

The generosity and support of sponsors like Wayne have gone a long way towards making the One Page Dungeon Contest a tradition as opposed to a one-off event!

Huge thanks to Wayne and Wayne's Books for making these prizes possible!

The Deadline for the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest is May 1st, by midnight UMT

Visit for more details, and grab a free copy of the submission guide HERE.

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