Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Thing: "Creation:Infected"

One thing I love about Markus Linderum's "Creation:Infected" one page dungeon are the little things that can be discovered to aid the characters.  A crude gas mask can be found on the corpse of a dead adventurer, which will help to ward off toxic gas effects. There is also the opportunity to discover the "spawning point" of  Dire Tapeworms, which will prevent them from appearing later in the dungeon to attack the characters.

Not all of the discoverables are helpful, and characters may find themselves struggling to climb out of a toxic cesspit, only to discover that some of their party members have been mutated into bile golems!

As the point of entry is variable, it is possible that the character's will bypass some of these features before encountering the boss villain "Patogenus"(its very name a play on "infectious"). I like the random nature of this setup, ensuring that two run-throughs could look entirely different.

Nice work Markus!

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