Saturday, May 12, 2018

One Thing: "The Eye of the Storm Giant"

One thing I love about Cooper Graetz's "The Eye of the Storm Giant" is the premise of using the animated corpse of a giant as an "organic mech", complete with a gaping wound the giant can pull carefully prepared explosives out of and hurl at would-be attackers.  And it seems as though the undead giant automaton has made plenty of enemies. Speaking of enemies, I wonder what the mysterious "Kevin" did to invoke the wrath of the three wizards, or pehaps even Graetz?

The giant has a number of defenses, although the effectiveness of each seems to vary, with the most powerful being the storm device that seems to shroud the giant in hurricane force winds.

Approaching the giant storm on horseback against blackened skies, while contending with elementals, boulders, and other hazards swirling about it could make for a very cinematic beginning!

Nice work Cooper!

Cross Over: Play this adventure after completing Pasquale Camuso's "Green Colossus", and allow the player characters to use the salvaged giant gnome-titan to battle the undead storm giant and its crew!

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