Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Thing: "The Green Colossus"

One thing I love about Pasquale Camuso's "Green Colossus" is the potential to use the environment, and by environment, I mean the steam and magic fueled titan, to eliminate potentially dozens of kobolds. This has a cinematic feel, especially considering these actions will likely take place by accident, and have a "pure dumb luck" feel to them when confronted with the large tribe of kobolds guarding the colossus.

Turn the wrong lever, and flood the chamber with scalding vapor, as the titan, a remnant from a great battle, is severely damaged.  Turn another lever, or crank, or wheel, and cause a half buried arm to rise, destroying kobold structures built atop it.

Twist the wrong (or right) knob and unleash torrents of flame from the titans bearded mouth, roasting kobolds and possibly setting the entire forest ablaze!  If I know my players (and I do) they would find themselves trapped in the head of the titan (colossus) in a final confrontation with the kobold chieftain and his honor guard as a massive forest fire threatened to end them all, and probably the nearest human settlement!

Nice work Pasquale!

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