Wednesday, May 9, 2018

One Thing: Into the Lair of the Slobbertooth Kobolds"

One thing I love about Luke E. Dodd's "Into the Lair of the Slobbertooth Kobolds" is the challenges it presents to a party of low level characters, for whom it is designed. Even one of the implied hooks (recovering barrels of oil) seems "low-stakes", just the sort of thing a group of unknown adventurers might be trusted to handle.

 There are opportunities to use stealth to avoid enemies, although the prospect of destroying the crumbling watchtower and the kobolds within at the start of the adventure seems very tempting.

There are multiple entrances, avoidable traps that can spell doom for low level characters, a hidden room with more than one opportunity to discover it, and the kobolds themselves who employ a variety of tactics (stealth/ barricades/ taking cover/ flaming oil flasks) which encourage the characters to do the same.

Nice work Luke!

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