Monday, May 14, 2018

One Thing: "Quest for the Murder Sword"

One thing I love about +Johan Nohr's "Quest for the Murder Sword" is the use of two maps in the entry. The primary, larger map, details a vertical dungeon complete with bones and gore, while the second, much smaller map details the dungeon from the same perspective, but includes the names of dungeon locations.

 This second map, with hand written location names, fits the style of the first, and allows Nohr to leave the "main map" free of numbering, lettering, or other identifiers that could detract from the splendid brutality of the image.

Nice Work Johan!

Cross Over: "Clash of the Titans Part II". If Karkrazh is resurrected at the end of this adventure, how would he fair against a party of adventurers manning the gnome-titan from "The Green Colossus", or the animated giant corpse from "The Eye of the Storm Giant", or both!. If Kharkrazh is controlled by the player characters (which is possible), What dragon or other titanic beast could withstand the collective might of this unlikely trio of character controlled juggernauts?

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