Monday, May 7, 2018

One Thing: "Rampaging Robot"

One thing I love about +Karl Stjernberg 's "Rampaging Robot" is his take on the "Post-Apocalypse". Throughout the entry, there are tons of humorous references to things and even Non Player characters as seen through the perspective of dog-food eating, "stop sign" armor wearing simple folk trying to survive after the "final war".

Mox, an Npc that was either once a mechanic or engineer (or has access to this sacred knowledge) is referred to as a "Tech Whisperer".  Grenades are "boom spheres", a hologram projector is "the ghost machine". The fearsome machine gun mounted to the rampaging robot is known as "the death spitter". These clever takes on mundane and even futuristic items can be found throughout the entire One Page Dungeon.

 Fans of Karl's "The Rad Hack" will love running this adventure, and although it fits nicely into the world Karl has created there, Karl has left out system specifics to make the adventure playable across virtually any rules system. This is the part where I don't talk about how it would work well with mine too!

Nice work Karl!

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