Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One Thing: Tome of Horrors

One thing I love about Jeff McKelley's 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest entry is the use of riddles. While not impossibly difficult, they aren't obvious, and any player that solves one will no doubt feel a swell of pride in having done so.  The first riddle is not a bottleneck, as there is a 1/6 chance the characters will choose the correct button to push randomly, but each incorrect press and the party will be faced with an invisible foe to deal with.

The second riddle will halt the character's progress if they cannot figure it out, and given vast number of possible incorrect combinations, the odds are greatly in the favor of the party being electrocuted long before they gain access to Curiosa Binder and her scriptorium.  If the players have missed the clue, or are unable to determine its meaning, there is an easy work around. Shock them a few times and then simply have Curiosa open the door and confront the party, handing them the original tome and late fees, just as is written.

I haven't come across either of these riddles personally, and I look forward to seeing my players wrack their puzzlers trying to figure them out.

Nice work Jeff!

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