Thursday, May 10, 2018

One Thing: "Wastes of the Rhinofolk"

One of the things I love about MonkeyBlood Design's "Wastes of the Rhinofolk" is the the overall "feel" it evokes. From the artwork to the world-building around this wasted region, It leaves a wind-swept and desolate impression on the reader/ player. The Rhinofolk live in careful balance with the harsh environment here, hunting sandworms and establishing elaborate rituals to give meaning to their otherwise unenviable lives.

Despite their brutal nature, I found my loyalty lies with the Rhinofolk. Any characters that wish to loot the great Blackhoof Tower probably deserve whatever cruel fate awaits them, but that might just be my Anthropology degree getting in the way.

Characters will face the threat of dehydration (and having once trudged through several kilometers of the Sahara with no water remaining, I can attest that this is no fun at all), poisonous sandworms, and of course the mighty Rhinofolk themselves if they wish to plunder this brutal, yet I dare say majestic, group of beings.

Nice work Glenn! 

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