Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What A Ride! 162 Entries in the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest!!!

The 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest submission period has drawn to a close in what proved to be, for some including myself, rather dramatic fashion!

My wife left me high and dry tonight, of all nights, to work on her Doctoral Dissertation (I have to admit that is a good reason). The kids were taking advantage of my situation (trying desperately to keep up with incoming entries while tweeting and Facebook Posting  and updating the website) by binge-watching "Walk the Prank" on YouTube.  The dog was barking non-stop through the window at a rabbit that stood defiantly in the front yard.  I had to make dinner, I had to help my daughter with her math homework. I needed to share the entries with the judges, all the while the dog kept barking and barking...with the deadline only minutes away.

I ran upstairs, chased the rabbit out of the yard, threw two yogurts at the kids, turned off the TV and got my daughter started on her homework and sent my son to take a bath, ran back downstairs, and was able to enjoy the final moments of the contest. I managed to cook dinner, get all homework done and checked, and get both kids in bed reading for twenty minutes. I am not 100% certain, but I think I just leveled up and look forward to choosing a new ability once this day is over.

In all seriousness, I am blown away by the amount of participation and hard work that went into this contest by the creators! I won't lie, just a few days ago I was feeling a bit deflated as we were sitting on around 38 entries, and it looked like this year's contest might have the lowest participation ever.

I thought it would take nothing short of a miracle to match last year's number of entries, let alone the "pie in the sky" number of 100 entries...

We now have 162 entries!!!!
This number could even increase as I comb through the contest email account to ensure all entries have been uploaded to the judges, as well as the website email account that also received several entries by mistake.

I feel for the judges! A Herculean task awaits them reviewing all of these entries, most of which came in within the last three days.

The judging period was originally envisioned as roughly two weeks, but with more than double the expected number of entries, it might take a bit longer to complete.

I will keep you up to date on the progress and the latest developments in here, and via twitter and Facebook.

Thanks again to everyone for making the tenth anniversary of the One Page Dungeon Contest the biggest contest year to date!

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