Sunday, October 30, 2016

First 2017 OPDC submission is in!

This is an image I worked up for the
Dungeon Contest twitter profile, and
is not connected with Dan's entry.
Well, the 2017 OPDC is officially open, being kicked off with a submission from Dan Wiley (Lair of the Mad Alchemist).

Congrats to Dan for being the first to submit an entry (and gain the first listing on

Dan did a great job following the submission guide, and included the new 140 character description "blurb" describing his creation.

 "A mad alchemist has transformed the burgomaster's daughter into a hideous troll, and the only antidote lies deep in his underground lair."

This addition to the contest submission process was taken directly from a suggestion from a community member on Alex's One Page Dungeon G+ page. I really being able to see a summary of each One Page dungeon written by the creators themselves, and the format lends itself to twitter as well.