Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Dragon is Back!

Reworked Dragon Logo
for the One Page Dungeon Contest
used in the above design.

I brought the Dragon back to the One Page Dungeon Contest Title. I usually hunt down tutorials to do this sort of thing, but for the new title logos, I just played around in Photoshop and came up with this method.  While likely not the most efficient method, these are the steps I used:

STEP ONE:Pick a font you like (the more edges and nooks the better), 
type out your title or phrase, and then rasterize the type.

STEP TWO: Use the eraser to break any closed areas in the letters.
If not, this area might have a "cap" on it when rendered in 3D

STEP THREE: Use the Transform/ Perspective tool to give 
your title or phrase some dimension.

STEP FOUR; Select the image, and then use the 3d Repousse' setting
to render your title in 3D. I used the default settings here.

Yikes. I forgot to erase the close area in the letter "R", 
and that "cap" thing happened.  I also think the words
look a bit to thin for my liking...

STEP FOUR AND A HALF: I erased a line to open up the closed area of the "R", 
and used the transform selection tool to stretch the words downward to
make them a bit chunkier. Then I rendered it  with Repousse' again. 

STEP FIVE: Next, I created a new layer above my active layer, and set it to "overlay"

STEP SIX: I alt-clicked (option key on Mac) between the two 
layers to create a clipping mask.

STEP SEVEN: Finally, I took a really big brush, picked a color, and
 colorized the gray areas in one swift stroke, while the black color
remains unaffected by the overlay layer.