Tuesday, June 19, 2018

One Thing: The Tower of the Great Erpution

One thing that I love about Wind Lothamer's 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest entry "The Tower of the Great Eruption" is the use of gliders by the gnomes that inhabit the tower jutting forth from a lake of lava.  It has a little bit of an "Escape from New York" vibe with the player characters possibly gliding in. If the Character  arrived in some other manner (even possibly through a dream state as one possible hook suggests), then the gliders could be used in a daring escape after having looting heavy cogs or other valuables from the gnomes.  Will the characters be forced to leave behind the majority of their loot in order to keep the gliders aloft on the heat waves as they attempt to flee what is likely to be a veritable army of angry gnomes?

Even if they manage to traverse the lava lake on rising hot air and lucky dice rolls, what lies in store for them after that. Perhaps the lake is near the top of the mountain, which begs for a "wing suit footage" style set piece as they zip downwards towards freedom or doom. There is a whimsical nature to the setting that conjures up imaged of a "Hot Wheels track of doom" with all manner of challenges presenting themselves as the characters attempt an escape. That or it has occurred to me that the whole dungeon is some sort of fever-dream "dick joke", in which case the "It's just a dream" hook would seem inappropriately appropriate. A lot of potential for this one as a game night one-shot, or drop it into a volcanic mountain in your setting and unleash the power of gliders in your campaign.

Nice work Wind!

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