Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 One Page Dungeon Compendium Nearly Complete!

Cover Image: "Gully" by Michael Richards
CC BY 3.0
(Image has been cropped and signature added)

The 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest has drawn to a close. Now we wait for the judges to review the 79 entries and make what are likely to be some very tough decisions!

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!  Each participant will be receiving a copy of the 2017 One Page Dungeon Compendium, which I am happy to say is nearly completed!

Something new this year is the addition of individual hyperlinks on each entry page leading to blogs/ twitter/ or other areas of interest provided by the creators.

All entries have been converted to 300 DPI Tiff images and placed in the Indesign Document in alphabetical order.  The only things left to do are order the winners once they are selected, index each page, and update the table of contents!