Saturday, March 10, 2018

One Page Dungeon Contest Is live/ 2012 One Page Dungeon Compendium now available

Cover Image by Michael Richards
CC BY 3.0 

The 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest has begun, and the 2012 One Page Dungeon Compendium is now available.
This year, send your submissions to the following email address:

Keep your eyes on the blog, and Alex's One Page Dungeon Contest G+ page for more information regarding the contest.

As always, the submission Deadline will be May 1st. which gives you about 52 days or so from this posting to complete and submit a dungeon or space station or Victorian mansion or distopian city-scape or...

One Page Dungeon Compendium: 2012 Edition

102 “one page dungeons” are contained within the compendium ranging from classic fantasy dungeons and crypts to derelict space freighters and decomissioned air bases.
The dungeons/ adventures were produced by members of the gaming community as entries in the 2012 One Page Dungeon Contest, and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

By design, the dungeons are fairly system neutral to facilitate their use with your favorite rules system.
The 2012 edition of the One Page Dungeon Compendium is bookmarked, and the orientation of entries (portrait/ landscape) has been preserved within the PDF.

Authors/ Creators
Michael Richards, Random Wizard, A.A. Bunkerclub55, Aaron Bianco, Aaron Frost, Mundi King, Aaron Kavli, Aaron Webb, Alan Brodie, Andrew Durston, Heleen Durston, Benoit, Berin Kinsman, Bill De Franza, Boric Glanduum, C.M. Lebrun, Chris Engle, Chris Longhurst, Chris Olson, Christian Hollnbuchner, Clarabelle Chong, Clay Thomas McGrew, Dakota Dornbrack, Dale Horstman, Dan Roy, David Brawley, David Dornbrack, David Gay, David Thiel, David Van Slyke, Diogo Nogueira, Dylan Hartwell, Edward Green, Eran Aviram, Aviv Or, Eric Harshbarger, Eric Minton, Joshua Krause, Evangelos Vafeiadis, Nicolas Kabasele, Fco. Javier Barrera, Felbrigg Napoleon Harriot, Gabriel Perez Gallardi, Gene Sollows, Gerardo Tasistro, Greengoat, Ian Johnson, Jan Pralle, Jason "Flynn" Kemp, Jason Shaffer, Jasper Polane, Jeff Mckelley, Jeff R., Jeff Shepherd, Jens Thuresson, Jerry LeNeave, Jim "Wilmanric" Pacek, John Bailey, John Geoffrey, Joshua Taylor, Kabuki Kaiser, Katie Simpson, Kelvin Green, Kevin Heuer, Michael Jones, L.S.F., Leslie Furlong, Lester Ward, Luka Rejec, Mark Garringer, Mark Morrison, Matthew Schmeer, Micah Blackburn, Matthias Hoefler, Michael Atlin, Michael Prescott, Michael P. Bonet, Michael Woodhead, Mike Monaco, Nick Wedig, OtspIII, PJ Cunningham, Paolo Greco, Dyson Logos, Stonewerks, Peter Regan, Radulf St. Germain, Ramsey Hong, Ricky Anderson, Rob S., Rodney Sloan, Roger Carbol, Roger SG Sorolla, Roland Volz, Ryan Lucas, S. Harlan, S.D. Hilderbrand, Scott Slomiany, Sersa Victory, Sharang Biswas, Grace Gage, Shawn Harris, Simon Dale, Simon Forster, The Seven-Sided Die, Tom Denton, Tony Dowler, Vivian Smith, Vladislav Volchenko, Warren Abox, Wayne Snyder, Will Doyle, Xyphon, and Yves Green.
All profit from sales of the 2012 Compendium will be used to create a prize fund for the One Page Dungeon Contest, based upon the self-sustaining model created by Random Wizard.

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