Saturday, April 14, 2018

What a Day, What a Lovely Day (to work on your one page dungeon)!

"Scavenger" class illo from my
Post Apocalyptic Hack.
There is definitely an up-tick in "non-fantasy" entries so far, and by "non-fantasy" I mean Post-Apocalyptic (19% of the current entries!). I am looking forward to the possibility that this year we will see more genre diversity (espionage/ sci-fi/ horror/ modern/ super heroic, etc.)

It is still "early" in the submission process for most creators (based on how close to the deadline entries are typically submitted each year), but for some creators having only two weeks (and three weekends) left (especially those working in collaboration with other creators) the May 1st midnight UMT deadline might be getting tight.

The first One Page Dungeon that Random Wizard and I worked on together (Meckwick's Revenge) took a few weeks to complete, as we were working on different aspects of it independently, and then had to put it all together in the end.  Add in the fact that I was still new to digital art and trying to figure out all the ins an outs of Photoshop and learning how to use my old Intuos tablet, all while juggling life.  Life definitely got in the way that year, but we manage to pull it off, submitting a final version very close to the deadline.

In short, make sure to give yourself enough time to submit an entry this year!
There are a lot of sponsors (twenty three with more coming!) offering incredibly generous prizes and you have the chance to be part of what is now a ten year tradition of wrestling with the constraints and design challenges the contest provides as well as share your work with a large (and ever-growing) audience! It is a great feeling to hear that someone used your creation as part of their campaign or as weekend one shot!

The Deadline for the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest is May 1st, by midnight UMT

Visit for more details, and grab a free copy of the submission guide HERE.

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