Thursday, May 3, 2018

Your Work is Done, But Ours Has Just Begun.

The judges are pouring through the entries, even as I type (well, it is late now, so I hope that is not true).  I have begun to upload entry images to a 2018 gallery page on the website, and will continue to add more each day, in the order they were submitted to the contest.

I have completed the layout for the 2018 One Page Dungeon Compendium, I have added all the entries and linked every one (*that had a link supplied) by hand, like some sort of old world crafts-person with a computer and Photoshop and InDesign...

The point is the book is basically done now. All I need to do is add the pages that feature the winning entries, and reorder some of the pages after that! This was the largest book I have tackled by far, and with the help of all the fantastic entries inside, it looks good!

"Underpaint Study" by Michael Richards/ CC BY 3.0
(the image has been cropped and enlarged from the original)

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